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NWA Powerrr Results (07/19/2022)

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

The Race to the Chase Tournament concluded on the July 19 episode of NWA Powerrr.

In a four-way match, Nick Aldis faced Brian Myers, Mike Knox, Nick Aldis, and Thom Latimer. NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch will defend the title against the winner of this bout at NWA 74.

The results are as follows:

Max The Impaler defeated Taya Valkyrie and Ella Envy

In a post-match interview, Max grunts at Kyle Davis. The Sinister Minister comes out and talks to Max. They walk away together, as they have seemingly joined forces.

La Rebelion (with Damian 666 vs. The OGK ends in a DQ The two teams brawl after the bell. Damian 666 kicks Mike Bennett and spits mist in Matt Taven’s face.

In an interview, Natalia Markova, alongside Taryn Terrell, says she was not cleared for her match because she suffered a concussion when she faced Taya Valkyrie. She says she’s the best, so she thinks she deserves the title.

In an interview, Austin Idol is standing with Cyon, who was revealed as his son. Idol says their relationship is perfect. He says if Cyon listens to him and does what he asks, he promises that Cyon will be the next NWA National Heavyweight Champion. He says he doesn’t make promises that he can’t keep. Cyon states that he used to hate Idol. He wants to be a champion, and he’s all in.

Magic Jake Dumas (with CJ) defeated Eric Jackson

Dumas attacks Jackson with a card after the match.

Backstage, William Patrick Corgan discusses the Race to the Chase. When asked about the thought process behind it, he says he has to deal with backstage politics constantly. With this in mind, he wanted the wrestlers to prove themselves in the ring. He also says that he reserves the right to dismiss a #1 contendership at any time. Corgan recalls how Matt Cardona told him that he wasn’t ready to compete, as he went back and forth about his status. He notes that he had to promise things to the Cardona Family, and he acknowledges that there are extenuating circumstances. Corgan says NWA is doing the best it can, and it has more momentum than it has had in 30 years. He makes it clear that he stands behind what he promised the Cardonas, and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about it.

Backstage, Odinson is standing by with Colby Corino. When asked whether he thinks he has a chance against Tyrus, Odinson says he thinks he has more than one chance to beat him. As for his own problem with Kerry Morton, Corino says the interviewer should ask Kerry why he’s obsessed with him.

Race to the Chase Tournament Finals: Nick Aldis defeated Brian Myers, Thom Latimer, and Mike Knox


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