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NWA Powerrr Results (08/16/2022)

The National Wrestling Alliance delivered an eventful show with the August 16 episode of NWA Powerrr.

NWA World Women’s Champion Kamille faced Hayley Shadows in a non-title bout. Plus, Chelsea Green teamed up with with Angelina Love to face Rylee and Paola Blaze. Elsewhere on the show, Tim Storm will take on Larry D, and Rodney Mack battled BLK Jeez.

The results are as much follows:

Chelsea Green and Angelina Love defeated Rylee and Paola Blaze

At the podium, Jeremiah Plunkett has an announcement; he says The Ill Begotten is a family, and they’re doing great. He brings out Rush Freeman and says they’re all on the same page. Plunkett praises Freeman’s athletic traits but says he doesn’t have a brain. He says Rush is what’s wrong with The Ill Begotten and fires him from the group. Plunkett says they recruited another member and introduces Brady Pierce, noting that he’s in better shape, he’s a better wrestler, and he’s smarter. Pierce says that he thought Rush was already gone from the group and notes that Plunkett told him this would be a family. He tells Plunkett that if this is how he treats his family, he didn’t want to be a part of it. Piece says Plunkett is holding Rush back. He tells Rush to go make himself a star. They agree to go get a beer together and walk away.

In an interview backstage, Chris Silvio, Esq. says NWA National Champion Jax Dane no longer has to defend the title until NWA 74 because he’s the greatest heavyweight wrestling attraction of all time. He says that it’s always “Dane Event Time” on Powerrr.

Tim Storm defeated Larry D

After the match, Madison Rayne tells Storm that it’s an honor and a privilege to both commentate and work alongside him. She says she still has a title from from the Champions Series and wants to give it to him.

Non-Title: Kamille defeated Hayley Shadows

In an interview, Rolando Freeman says he’s adding Plunkett to his “whiteboard” for the way he disrespected his family. He says Murdoch is also getting added to the board because he disrespected him and his title. Freeman says he’s coming for Murdoch.

At the podium, BLK Jeez says his plan has been working because he’s been leading the group to titles and success. However, The Church’s Money has a problem; he doesn’t know why the NWA has booked him in a match with Rodney Mack. Along with Aron Stevens, Mack comes out and says BLK Jeez is scared. He tells BLK Jeez to say he’s scared if he’s scared and proceeds to walk away.

Rodney Mack (with Aron Stevens) defeated BLK Jeez (with Tyrus)

BLK Jeez dropkicks Mack from behind after the bell. Stevens gets in the ring and attacks Jeez. Tyrus screams at Stevens and sends him scurrying out of the ring. Stevens gets a cjhair, but Mack holds him back as the duos stare each other down.


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