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NXT Live Results 2/12

Live on going results for tonight's NXT show will be posted and updated here. Please refresh this web page frequently for the latest results.

In-Ring Segment: Roderick Strong

Strong power walks to the ring. Strong is pissed. Strong goes off because Velveteen Dream puts his wife and child on his tights. Strong is going to hurt Dream. Strong demands an apology. Bronson Reed interrupts. Reed says Strong has a problem with him too. Reed wants to fight right now.

Roderick Strong vs. Bronson Reed

Reed floors Strong. Reed bodyslams Strong and drops the elbow. Strong responds with a few chops. Reed and Strong trade strikes. Sidewalk slam by Reed. Delayed vertical suplex by Reed. Strong falls to the outside. Reed leaps off the apron with an elbow smash. Reed attempts a hip attack as Strong is against the ring steps. Strong moves out of the way. Reed hits the ring steps hard. Back in the ring, Reed and Strong trade strikes. Strong tries a sunset flip but Reed sits on him. Strong puts Reed in a sleeper. Strong suplexes Reed. Reed clotheslines Strong in the corner. Reed finally lands his hip attack for a near fall. King Kong lariat by Reed. Strong kicks out. Powerslam followed by a senton by Reed. Reed goes up top. Strong cuts Reed off. Strong lands a superplex. Reed kicks out. Strong gets distracted by the opening cord of Dream’s music. Reed hits a suicide dive. Reed goes up top for a splash but Strong catches him with a flying knee in midair for the win.

Winner- Roderick Strong

Dream appears on the big screen. Dream asks Strong if Strong remembers the first time he met his wife Marina. Dream says he is going to take something from Strong just like Strong took something from him. Dream tells Strong that if anything ever happened to him, Dream would fulfill all of Marina’s dreams. Dream turns around and he is wearing the tights with Strong’s wife and child on them. Strong goes nuts in the ring and runs to the back.

Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne go on a road trip with the Dusty Classic trophy. They get pulled over and after Riddle “does all the talking” the car is towed. How will Riddle and Dunne and the trophy get to Portland now?

Backstage, Angel Garza says he never lost the Cruiserweight title. Lio Rush interrupts and says the guy Garza beat for the title isn’t here anymore. Rush is faster and stronger and going to win. Garza laughs at Rush.

Candice LeRae vs. Dakota Kai

LeRae lands a lung blower. Kai surprises LeRae with a running boot. LeRae lands a dropkick. Tope by LeRae. LeRae lands another tope. The crowd asks for one more. LeRae obliges two more times. LeRae missile dropkicks Kai. Kai kicks LeRae in the face. LeRae’s nose is bleeding. Kai sends LeRae into the ring post shoulder first. LeRae misses the springboard moonsault. LeRae lands an under bomb. LeRae locks Kai in the Gargano Escape. Kai turns it into a roll up for the win.

Winner- Dakota Kai

After the match. LeRae chases Kai. Kai slams LeRae’s head into the barricade. Kai hits LeRae in the gut with the ring bell. Tegan Nox attacks Kai from behind. They are eventually separated by security.

Johnny Gargano vs. Cameron Grimes

Gargano and Grimes trade submission attempts. Gargano puts Grimes in a deathlock. Grimes gets to the ropes. Series of arm drags by Gargano. Gargano puts Grimes in the crossface. Gargano adds an armbar to the move. Grimes escapes and floors Gargano with the kitchen sink. Ranna by Gargano. Gargano dropkicks Grimes. Grimes falls out of the ring. Gargano blasts Grimes with a cannonball off the apron. Gargano lights up Grimes with a few chops. Grimes counters Gargano’s slingshot DDT attempt with a flapjack. Grimes turns Gargano inside out with a lariat. Grimes German suplexes Gargano for a near fall. Tornado facebuster by Gargano. Gargano turns Grimes inside out with a lariat of his own. Slingshot spear by Gargano. Grimes lands a nasty side effect. Gargano kicks out. Gargano and Grimes trade strikes. Grimes hits a standing Spanish fly. Gargano kicks out. Grimes misses his finish. Gargano and Grimes trade superkicks. DDT by Gargano. Grimes misses is finish. Gargano locks in the Gargano Escape. Grimes taps out.

Winner- Johnny Gargano

Backstage, Adam Cole says he will do anything to make sure he keeps the title on his shoulder.

Dunne, Riddle, and the trophy are on a boat. Riddle says they need to figure out how to get all the way to Portland. Riddle gets a lightbulb but this is to be continued.

Cruiserweight Number One Contender’s Match: Lio Rush vs. Angel Garza

Garza rips off his pants as soon as the bell rings. Rush runs circles around Garza. Rush misses the come up. Garza catches Rush with a dropkick in midair as Rush attempts a leapfrog. Garza puts Rush in the tree of woe. Running kick by Garza. Rush kicks out. Garza tries to piledriver Rush on the apron. Rush counters. Rush misses a moonsault. Garza slams Rush into the ring post, barricade and ring steps. Garza drapes Rush on the barricade. Garza kicks Rush in the back. After the break, rush hits a suicide dive. Rush follows that with a corkscrew senton. Rush kicks Garza in the head. Rush only gets a two count. Rush and Garza trade strike. Garza dropkicks Rush in the back as he attempts the come up. Garza hits an innovative facebuster. Garza sets up the Wing Clipper on the top rope. Rush manages to turn it into an avalanche cutter. Garza rolls out of the ring. Rush hits the Final Hour to the outside. Rush tries another Final Hour in the ring. Garza gets his knees up. Garza rolls up Rush. Rush kicks out. Rush rolls up Garza for the win!

Winner- Lio Rush

After the match, Jordan Devlin tells Rush that he should never bet against The Ace.

Bianca Belair vs. Santana Garrett

Belair shoulder blocks Garrett. Belair takes off her earrings and beat the crap out of Garrett. Belair double chicken wing bombs Garrett into the top turnbuckle. Belair hits the KOD for the win.

Winner- Bianca Belair

Belair grabs a mic and says Rhea Ripley keeps going to RAW, worrying about Charlotte Flair. Belair is going to be the next NXT Women’s Champion. Ripley interrupts. Ripley says she isn’t locking past Belair. Ripley is looking right at Belair. At Takeover Portland, Ripley is going to go right through Belair. Belair and Ripley brawl. Belair drops Ripley with the KOD.

Dunne and Riddle are getting on a private jet. Dunne asks how Riddle got a private Jet. Riddle says he knows a guy. Riddle tells Dunne that they have to out the trophy in the boot. Dunne tells Riddle to stop saying boot. Riddle and Dunne load up the trophy. Riddle pushes Dunne into the boot. Riddle gets in and closes the door. Triple H walks up and gets on the plane. Riddle and Dunne are stowaways. Triple H has no idea.

Backstage, Tommaso Ciampa recounts his long journey back to Goldie. Ciampa says he is going to show Cole what it’s like to fight someone with nothing to lose.

Adam Cole vs. Kushida

Kushida and Cole trade headlocks. Kushida drops Cole down to the mat. Kushida misses a head kick. Cole rolls out of the ring. Wrecking ball kick by Kushida. Kushida puts Cole in an armbar out on the floor. Kushida walks into a superkick by Cole. Cole and Kushida clothesline each other at the same time. Strike exchange by Cole and Kushida. Cole hits two Ushigorshis for a near fall. Cole misses the Last Shot. Cole follows that with a superkick for a near fall. Kushida reverses the Panama Sunrise into the Hoverboard Lock. Cole almost gets to the ropes. Kushida rolls Cole back to the center. Cole turns it into a pin. Kushida kicks out. Cole and Kushida trade pin attempts. Kushida lands a Pelé kick. Kawada kicks by Kushida. Cole hits the Last Shot for the win.

Winner- Adam Cole

After the match, Ciampa walks down to the ring. Ciampa and Cole get in each other’s faces. Ciampa tells Cole that at Takeover: Portland he’s taking his life back. Cole says over his dead body.


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