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NXT Live Results 3/4

Indy Pro Wrestling is reporting NXT live results in progress.

Steel Cage Match: Teegan Nox vs. Dakota Kai w/Raquel Gonzalez

Nox unloads on Kai. Kai fires back. Nox takes Kai down. Nox tries to toss Kai into the cage but Kai puts on the breaks. Nox misses the Shiniest Wizard. Kai tries to send Nox into the cage. Nox puts on the breaks. Crossbody by Nox. Kai crawls to the corner. Nox lands a basement elbow for a near fall. Kai chokes Nox in the corner with her boot. Nox fires up and lands multiple back elbow strikes in the corner followed by her patented modified senton in the corner. Kai grabs Nox and launches her into the cage. Kai sends Nox into the cage over and over again. Nox tries to fire up but Kai floors her with a lariat. Nox escapes a bodyslam attempt by Kai. Nox sends Kai into the cage multiple times. Nox stomps Kai into the cage. Nox gets a near fall after a fallaway slam.

Kai surprises Nox with a scorpion kick. Kai hits her finish. Nox kicks out. Nox headbutts Kai. Nox tries to climb the cage. Kai cuts Nox off. Nox chokeslams Kai off the top rope! Nox and Kai trade running strikes in the corner. Nox flattens Kai with another senton for a near fall. Nox climbs the cage again. Gonzalez is waiting for her. Nox chooses to dive off the top of the cage and crush Kai with a crossbody. Nox tries to go out of the door but Gonzalez stops the referee from opening the door. Kai tries to kick Nox but ends up kicking Gonzalez. Nox hits the Shiniest Wizard. Kai kicks out. Nox tries to climb the cage again. Gonzalaz tries to pull Kai out of the ring through the door. Nox kicks thee cage door, which slams on Kai’s previously injured knee. Gonzalez traps the Nox behind the cage door and Kai slowly crawls out of the cage for the win.

Winner- Dakota Kai

Number One Contender’s Ladder Match Qualifier: Shotzi Blackheart vs. Chelsea Green w/Robert Stone

Blackheart is all over Green. Green lands a Japanese arm drag. Blackheart responds with an arm drag of her own. Blackheart gets trapped in the ropes. Green blasts Blackheart with a backstabber for a near fall. Missile dropkick by Green. Green pins Blackheart after the I’m Prettier.

Winner- Chelsea Green

In-Ring Segment: Keith Lee

Lee says there are so many folks chasing him and the North American championship. Cameron Grimes interrupts. Grimes tells Lee he needs to be worried about him. The crowd drowns out Grimes with boos. Lee tries to quiet the crowd down but they are having none of it. Grimes has nuclear heat for some reason. Lee pounces Grimes out of the ring after Grimes says they have a match next week.

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly vs. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch

Lorcan and Fish trade strikes. Fish cheapshots Burch. Lorcan cheapshots O’Reilly. All four men fight in the middle of the ring. Burch saves Lorcan from a double suplex. Fish and O’Reilly retreat to the outside. Lorcan dives off the ring steps and hits a double blockbuster. After the break, Lorcan manages to tag in Burch. Burch lands a cutter on Fish. Burch turns his focus to O’Reilly, but Fish attacks him from behind. The UE take turns working over Burch. Burch manages to tag in Lorcan, who clears the ring. Lorcan lands a dive that takes out Fish and O’Reilly. Lorcan runs right into the high/low by Fish and O’Reilly for the win.

Winners- Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly

After the match, Fish and O’Reilly complain about losing the tag titles. Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne walk out on the ramp. Riddle is about to grant The UE their match but the Grizzled Young Veterans attack Riddle and Dunne from behind. Gibson says they aren’t waiting for the shot.

Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Austin Theory

Theory and Scott trade headlocks. Theory runs over Scott with a shoulder block. Scott takes Theory over with a head-scissor take over. Scott destroys Theory with a kick in the corner. After the break, Theory drops Scott with a rolling thunder dropkick. Scott and Theory trade punches. Scott turns Theory inside out with a lariat. Top rope basement elbow strike by Scott. Scott kicks Theory in his injured arm. Scott nets a two count after a flatliner. Theory counters Scott’s ranna into a buckle bomb. Theory crushes Scott with the RP1. Scott manages to kick out. Theory and Scott both land nasty strikes. Theory attempts another rolling thunder dropkick but Scott counters into a cross arm breaker. Theory almost turns it into a powerbomb. Scott transitions into a Pentagon-style arm breaker. Scott goes up top. Theory trips Scott, sending him crashing to the mat. Theory hits the ATL for the win.

Winner- Austin Theory

During a sit down interview, Johnny Gargano says he didn’t sneak attack Tommaso Ciampa. Gargano looked Ciampa in the eyes. Gargano says we all know why he did it. Mauro tells Gargano that we don’t. Gargano gets in Mauro’s face and says he knows why. If Mauro says he doesn’t get it, he is a liar. Gargano goes off on Mauro for being a liar and calling him “Johnny Turncoat”. Mauro says he isn’t comfortable and leaves. Gargano grabs the camera and tells Ciampa to meet him at the performance center and they can handle this the Johnny Gargano way.

Steel Cage Match: Velveteen Dream vs. Roderick Strong

Strong attacks Dream as soon as he gets in the ring. Dream tries to climb the cage. Strong grabs Dream’s leg. Dream kicks Strong away. Dream lands an ax handle. Strong and Dream trade strikes. Strong sends Dream into the cage, face first. Strong lights Dream up with a few stiff chops in the corner. Back suplex by Strong. Strong lands multiple elbow strikes. Dream tosses Strong into the cage. Marina Shafir (Strong’s wife) runs down to ringside and slide Strong a kendo stick. Dream takes the kendo stick from Strong. Dream wears Strong out with the kendo stick. Strong goes low on Dream. Strong crotches Dream on the top rope. Strong tries to force Dream’s head between two of the corner cage post. Strong traps Dream in the tree of woe.

Strong tries to climb the cage. Dream low blows Strong. Dream locks Strong in a Boston crab. Strong counters and puts Dream in the Stronghold. Dream turns it into a pin but Strong kicks out. Strong escapes the DVD by Dream. Dream sends Strong into the cage again. Superkick by Dream. Dream tells the referee to open the door. Strong slams Dream’s head into the cage. Strong backbreakers Dream with the kendo stick. Strong climbs the cage. Dream pulls Strong’s pants down to stop him. Dream and Strong fight on the top rope. Strong clutches Dream and hits an avalanche Olympic slam. Dream kicks out. Both men attempt to escape the cage. Dream hits two Dream Valley Drivers. Dream climbs to the top of the cage. The rest of the UE runs down to ringside. Dream takes out Fish and O’Reilly. Adam Cole gets into the cage. Dream tosses Cage off the top rope. Strong crawls to the door. Dream pushes Strong out of the cage and locks the door behind him.

Winner- Roderick Strong

After the match, Dream attacks Cole. Dream holds off Fish and O’Reilly. Strong gets back in the cage. Dream sends Cole into Strong while he is on the top rope. Strong falls into the tree of woe. Dream hits a Dream Valley Driver on a chair to Cole. Dream poses with the NXT Championship.

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