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Official Rematch Announced, Johnny Impact vs Brian Cage For The IMPACT World Title At 'UNCAGED'

Photo Credit IMPACT Wrestling

At Uncaged on Friday, Feb. 15th in Mexico City, Mexico IMPACT Wrestling presents Uncaged. Johnny IMPACT vs. Brian Cage for the World Title takes place. This is the rematch that Brian Cage has been asking for since Homecoming. Brian Cage finally has his one on one match against Johnny IMPACT.

Cage got involved in the match between Johnny IMPACT and Killer Kross this past week and has demanded his rematch. It appeared that Brian Cage wasn’t going to stop until he got what he wants and that is Johnny IMPACT one on one for the World Title.

IMPACT Management has decided that at Uncaged on Feb. 15th, on a night named for Brian Cage, that it is the perfect occasion for the Machine to face IMPACT with the World Title on the line. Can Brian Cage become Champion? Can Johnny IMPACT continue his impressive reign as the “man” on IMPACT Wrestling? Cage is livid and these former friends are far from seeing eye to eye at this point. Brian Cage feels that IMPACT is taking his time in giving Cage the rematch the fans want to see.

In the eyes of Johnny IMPACT, he wanted to defend his wife’s honor, he wanted to rip Killer Kross limb from limb after what Kross did at the conclusion of Homecoming, IMPACT wasn’t thinking about the World Title, he was thinking about revenge. All the while, Cage was seething and waiting for his chance. Now it will happen at Uncaged and we can’t wait to see who leaves as World Champion.


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