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The #ChampionsSeries rages on this weekend on #NWAUSA! The biggest stars going head-to-head in team tournament competition: 8 teams vying to earn the most points as teams are knocked out leading to the final matchup…. whichever team wins it all the prize is the golden opportunity of NWA Championship Shots for the whole team! After Saturday who will remain as Team Pretty battles Team Rock N’ Roll and Team Rebelión fights back Team Gold!!!!!

💥 Team Pretty’s debuting La Rosa Negra faces Team RNR’s La Weraloca Taya Valkyrie!!!!

💥Team Rebelión's brash high flyer Joe Alonzo vs Team Gold’s resident male model Mercurio!!!!

💥Team Pretty’s namesake Ella Envy vs Team Rock N' Rolls bionic empowered Jennacide!

💥It’s the Tag Choice match of the round: Team Rebelión's French-Canadian sensation Ashley D’Amoise & her monster of a partner Max The Impaler vs Team Gold’s duo of Pretty Empowered’s Roxy & the aggressive crush that is Natalia Markova!

For all this and more tune into #NWAPowerrrr, Tuesdays at 6:05 pm est on FITE or catch the replay Fridays

at 6:05 pm est on YouTube! Want this and everything the NWA has to offer? Click on and subscribe to the @FITE NWA All Access Pass now!


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