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Reasons Why You Should Watch Impact Wrestling In 2020

Ever since it was first announced in late 2017 that the team of Don Callis and Scott D'Amore would be joining Impact Wrestling as co-executive vice presidents Impact has never been the same again but in a good way. The promotion formerly known as TNA had a lot of negativity attached to them. Some say it was poor management decisions, others say it was a lack of focus, while others just claim it was a lack of no real identity. 2018 proved to be a big year for Impact as most can argue that Impact Wrestling had a better TV product and had better pay-per-views than the WWE. Continuing onto 2019 Impact Wrestling was also able to garner a new television home with Anthem Sports & Entertainment (Impact's parent company) acquiring AXS TV.

We here at Indy Pro Wrestling have complied a list of a few reasons why you should watch Impact Wrestling in 2020.

A Focus On The Younger Talent

For a very long time, there was always that stigma that Impact Wrestling would just push older stars from WWE, WCW, or ECW over their own talent. But things have changed. Not since the early days of Impact Wrestling (pre-Hogan era) has there been such a big focus on the younger talent. What helps separate Impact from the rest is that they are developing new homegrown talents. They are putting in the effort and they are sticking to their guns with the talent. Many people continue to complain that in the WWE, the company just gives up on the talent the second something doesn't go right. This does a lot of damage to the talent that they are trying to build. With Impact Wrestling you don't get that, you get to see everything pan out. This helps establish the wrestler into a legitimate character that you genuinely care about. Right now Impact Wrestling has been around for almost 20 years and while they still have a few older wrestlers such as RVD, & Rhino on their roster these older vets are not the main focus. Impact Wrestling right now has a lot of talented young men and women who are the focus, they are building the stars of tomorrow, today.

Story-lines That Just Make Sense

In the crazy and distracting world, we live in sometimes it's hard to follow along with anything these days. But one thing we can give props to Impact Wrestling is their easy to follow story-lines. Impact does not insult our intelligence and if for some reason you need to catch up after not watching for a while you can easily pick up and follow along without trying to figure out what's going on. A great recent example is the story-line of Moose vs Rhino which will take place on January 12, 2019, at "Hard To Kill". The reason why this story-line makes sense is because Moose has been on a "Legend Killer" path. He has been battling RVD, Ken Shamrock, he has called out Monty Brown and now he's facing off against Rhino. It's a simple strategy and it just builds the anticipation because it has us wondering who's next? Which legend is capable of defeating Moose? As we have mentioned earlier Impact Wrestling truly lets their story-lines pan out, this makes it must-watch TV. This is another reason why you should watch Impact in 2020.

Not Afraid To Take A Chance

Who would have thought that the main event for a major professional wrestling company that the challenger for the world title would be a female? Impact Wrestling is taking the chance at their upcoming pay-per-view "Hard To Kill". Tessa Blanchard challenges current Impact Wrestling Champion Sami Callihan for the world title. It just goes to show that women's wrestling has evolved. No longer are women's matches only strictly against other female competitors. Inter-gender wrestling is nothing new, inter-gender wrestling has been around for a while now but we are finally at the moment where it's being taken more seriously. There is no denying that Tessa Blanchard is the face of Impact Wrestling, she is hands down one of the best wrestlers on the planet. The simple fact that she signed with Impact Wrestling was no fluke, it's part of her destiny to become the first-ever female Impact Wrestling World Champion. While other promotions are also making women's wrestling a big focal point such as the WWE, where two female wrestlers main-evented Wrestlemania. We have not seen anything on the caliper that Impact Wrestling is doing. They are not afraid to take a chance and we here at Indy Pro Wrestling feel that if Tessa Blanchard is victorious in her match against Sami Callihan it will help solidify Impact Wrestling as a must-watch promotion in 2020 and beyond.


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