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Report: Killer Kross Requests Release From IMPACT Wrestling

One of IMPACT Wrestling’s most talented performers reportedly wants out of the company. PWInsider is reporting that Killer Kross is unhappy with both his pay inside the promotion and the creative angles he’s been given and has requested his release. This comes after Kross had asked for a raise and the two sides couldn’t come to terms on a restructured deal.

PWInsider noted Kross’ new request was based on what his market value would be outside of the company, and he pushed for a six-figure guaranteed deal that would be more of a base salary instead of the current per-date deal he signed last year. According to sources, Kross requested a release after IMPACT turned down the terms for restructuring his current deal.

Much like WWE is doing with Luke Harper, IMPACT is not planning on releasing Kross. Instead, they’re keeping him on the roster, seeing that he’s still under contract as part of the multi-year deal he signed last year. It’s said that the two sides are still being professional and working together, even if Kross is clearly unhappy with the deal he signed.


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