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Several ROH Talent Removed From TV Tapings

Danhaunsen, who appeared over the weekend at The Collective events in Indianapolis announced that although he has thus far tested negative for COVID-19, he is being sent home from Ring of Honor's upcoming TV tapings in the wake of three independent wrestlers announcing they had tested positive after competing over the weekend at the events:

Ring of Honor, in conjunction with the Maryland State Athletic Commission, has perfected a very stringent bubble for talents to enter before they are allowed to perform for the company. As we discussed with former ROH Champion Matt Taven (who is currently inside the ROH Bubble in Baltimore), those steps include:

*Talents giving themselves a COVID-19 test under supervision of a nurse watching via Zoom so that an initial test result can be determined as they travel to TV.

*Taking a second COVID-19 test upon arriving at ROH's hotel one week before TV tapings.

*Sequestering themselves in a hotel room for seven days, not interacting with anyone from ROH or outside the company.

*Having all food deliveries dropped off outside of their room by hotel staff.

*Being allowed a scheduled time at a workout room once two negative COVID-19 test results are confirmed. No more than two talents are allowed in the workout room at the same time and they must socially distance.

*Talents must undergo a third COVID-19 test the morning of their scheduled match.

*Despite negative test results. talents must remain sequestered from all other talents until they arrive at ROH TV, brought via van at a specific time.

*Talents must have their temperature taken before entering the ROH venue. If the temperature tops 100 degrees, they are not allowed to enter and perform.

*Putting together their match privately with their opponent(s) and then taping that bout with no staff beyond camera crew and someone at the gorilla position to provide entrance cues. Not even ROH Executive/Creative staff, such as Hunter Johnston, are present at the tapings.

*Wearing facemasks at all time unless they are being taped for TV.

*Returning immediately to the hotel after their match via van and returning immediately to being sequestered in their hotel room.

*Talents are not allowed to interact with each other or even exit their hotel rooms until the ROH tapings have concluded AND they take a final COVID-19 test before being released from the ROH bubble rules.

*At that point talents are free to travel home.

Ring of Honor declined to comment on whether any additional talents have been sent home but the following statement was issued by ROH Head Joe Koff:

"While Ring of Honor does not publicly discuss specific internal decisions, ROH is taking every measure to preserve the integrity of its rigorous health and safety protocol for the upcoming tapings."


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