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Steve Maclin Crowned New IMPACT Wrestling Champion At Rebellion

IMPACT World Championship: Steve Maclin vs. KUSHIDA

KUSHIDA showcases his technical expertise early on as he grounds Maclin. A stiff elbow drops KUSHIDA, and Maclin grounds him. Maclin levels KUSHIDA with a clothesline at ringside. He hits a diving knee drop off the apron. KUSHIDA rallies with a springboard back elbow. He kicks Maclin’s arm and hits a Fisherman buster for a two count. Maclin crotches KUSHIDA on the ropes. Maclin goes for a spear, but KUSHIDA moves, so Maclin goes shoulder-first into the corner. KUSHIDA catches Maclin with a dropkick. KUSHIDA rocks Maclin with a Pele kick. Maclin slams KUSHIDA for a two count. KUSHIDA sends Maclin crashing off the top rope and locks in the arm-bar, but Maclin reaches the ropes. At ringside, KUSHIDA goes for the Hoverboard Lock, but Maclin slams him into a table.

Maclin spikes KUSHIDA with the KIA for a near fall. KUSHIDA traps Maclin in the Hoverboard Lock and holds on when Maclin tries to slam his way out of it. Maclin slams KUSHIDA with the KIA for the win..

Winner and new IMPACT World Champion: Steve Maclin

Maclin calls out IMPACT President Scott D’Amore and demands him to present him with the title. Maclin attacks D’Amore, prompting Nick Aldis to get in the ring. Aldis stares Maclin down and they square off before Maclin leaves.


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