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Sting vs. The Undertaker Could Be Imminent

Photo Credit: WWE

The dream match that has been talked about for so many years, since the inception of the character has been Sting versus The Undertaker. While the match was never made, both men have expressed interest in it happening. While a recent report has mentioned that Sting may be a part of the Royal Rumble tonight to set up a match with The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia, here's what has been told. For months and months, WWE has tried to help Sting get medically cleared from the injury suffered in a match against Seth Rollins.

Since that time Sting did announce his retirement, however, with the recent medical miracles we have seen with Daniel Bryan return and with them all but confirmed return of Edge tonight, it would appear that Sting is also on that list. Sting has mentioned many a time that he can make the match happen, and, with the trend that we have seen with the Saudi Arabia shows, it is clear that dream matches are a theme for these special events.

At tonight’s Royal Rumble match, we may see a confrontation between Sting and The Undertaker as both men would be entrants in the Royal Rumble match itself. While neither of them would win the match, the confrontation itself will be the selling point for the rumored dream match that would take place in Saudi Arabia. Don’t be surprised, however, if the match takes at WrestleMania 36 though as there are plenty of tickets to see at Raymond James Stadium, and a match like this and other big matches not announced yet could make for a sold-out show.


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