• Carlos Astorga

Su Yung Crowed IMPACT Knockout Champion At Bound For Glory

IMPACT Knockouts Championship

Deonna Purrazzo (c) (with Kimber Lee) vs. Kylie Rae

There is no Kylie Rae. Deonna gets on the mic and issues a challenge to anybody in the back. Out somes (not Suzie) but Su Yung. Deonna looks concerned. The belt is raised and the match is underway. Hard forearms by Su. Su throws her back and forth. Su fires away at Deonna in the corner. They trade punches on the apron. Spinning sidewalk slam on the apron by Su.

Deonna and Su get back in the ring and the two try to roll one another up for some two counts. Back elbow by Deonna. Su hits a top rope hurricanrana on Deonna. Two count. Deonna manages to stomp at her in the corner.

Three German suplexes by Deonna. DDT by Su. The trade shots as they get to their feet. Back and forth they go. Hard shots by Su followed by a clothesline in the corner. Back elbow. Thesz press and punches by Su Stone Cold style. Splash in the corner followed by a bulldog by Su. Deonna rolls out of the ring. Shoulder in the steel post and Deonna gets set up on a chair. Su sentons on top of her off the apron. Su pedigrees Deonna down. Two count. Su shoves on her rotted glove. And she looks for her claw, but Deonna fights free. She accidently bicycle kicks the ref. Su backpack piledrives her down for the visual pinfall but no ref to administer the fall. Kimber Lee hits Su with a chair and then wedges the chairon Su’s arm. Deonna goes to dive on top of Su’s arm but Su rolls free. She locks in the mandible on Deonna. Kimber tries to interfere but gets Misted for her efforts. Crossface by Deonna and Su locks in her mandible for a stalemate. Su soon hits her Panic Button finish and gets the surprise win.

WINNER and NEW Knockouts Women Champion: Su Yung