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Survivor Winner Nick Wilson Attending IMPACT Wrestling’s Homecoming Pay-Per-View on January 6

Photo Credit Impact Wrestling

Survivor contestant Johnny Impact defends IMPACT World Championship in Homecoming main event

TORONTO | NASHVILLE – Johnny Impact is getting support from two former foes in his main event World Championship title match against “The Machine” Brian Cage on Sunday, January 6, at IMPACT Wrestling’s Homecoming pay-per-view event.

Nick Wilson – the $1 million winner of Survivor: David vs. Goliath, the just-finished 37th season of the hit reality TV show – will be sitting in the front row at Homecoming, which will be held at the famed Asylum Arena at the Nashville Fairgrounds. Wilson is bringing 10 other loyal Impact fans and even fellow Survivor contestant Davie Rickenbacker.

Wilson and Rickenbacker were aligned on the original David tribe, while Impact battled on the TV show as part of the Goliath tribe. Impact was the seventh voted off the island, on day 22, and the second member of the jury, which ultimately voted Wilson as the Sole Survivor and $1 million winner. Wilson was 13th voted off the island, on day 35, and the eighth member of the jury.

“I’m really excited that Nick and Davie will be in my corner for the Homecoming pay-per-view match,” said reigning World Champion Johnny Impact. “Although I was rivals with both at the start of Survivor, we ultimately became good friends and I know each will have my back. Brian Cage won’t be able to blindside me with Nick and Davie watching my back.”

Impact has dipped into the Survivor well for additional support in his Homecoming match. Impact has talked at-length with Professor Christian Hubicki about how to defeat a Machine.

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