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Taryn Terrell Announces Her Retirement From Professional Wrestling

Taryn Terrell, formerly known as Tiffany in WWE, has retired from the world of professional wrestling.

Terrell signed with WWE in 2008, and she had a memorable run as the General Manager of WWE ECW. She went on to become an in-ring competitor on the SmackDown brand, and she was released in 2010. She subsequently signed with OVW, TNA’s developmental brand at the time, and later made her TNA debut in 2021. She captured the TNA Knockouts Championship during her time with the company.

After she stepped away from wrestling in 2015, she returned for one taping in 2017. She came back again in 2021, and she had been working with the National Wrestling Alliance ever since. Terrell competed in ten matches for the company, and she has been aligned with Natalia Markova in recent weeks.

On November 9, Terrell announced her retirement in a post on Instagram. She thanked the NWA for giving her the opportunity to perform again, and she wished the company the best.

The post is as follows:

In my career, I often have not been able to be the first to “break my own news”. At every company, it makes it to the public before I was truly ready to say anything. Anyhow, I have decided that it is time to officially hang up my boots…forever. It’s so bittersweet. NWA gave me a wonderful opportunity to manage. The problem is, I can’t be beside that ring and find happiness. I love the ring. Being inside those ropes and connecting with the humans in the crowd fuels me. There’s no place like it.

Therefore, I asked for more. They gave me more and gave me really fun matches where I had complete, creative freedom. I was able to tell stories the way I saw them. I am grateful to Billy for allowing me a place to create and relive the moments inside that ring.

I knew I was ready to be done but I also knew I wanted to feel the rush of having a match again! Billy gave me that. But the truth is, it’s time to say goodbye. I love entertaining and fully intend to continue that in the way of stunts:

Thank you to Billy for the fun, last year and half! I wish you and NWA the very best! Thank you to Pat Kenny, the one and only Simon Diamond, who constantly reminded me to believe in myself!

To all the girls I’ve grown close to and the rubber duck clan, I freaking love y’all and I will be cheering you on as y’all continue to kick ass!

Terrell, formerly known as Tiffany in WWE, mostly left wrestling in 2015, though she came back for a set of tapings in 2017. She returned in 2021, and she has been working with the NWA. She has had ten matches for the company, and she has been aligned with Natalia Markova in recent weeks.

The NWA’s Twitter account responded and wished her the best moving forward.


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