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The System Retain Their TNA Tag Team Championship At Rebellion

TNA World Tag Team Championship: Speedball Mountain vs. The System (c)

Eddie and Trent trade chops before Trent hits a suplex for a near fall. Eddie rolls outside, and Alisha distracts the ref so Myers can take a cheap shot. Eddie slams Trent’s knee on the ring steps and taunts the crowd before whipping Trent back into the ring. Myers tags in focuses on Trent’s knee for a good amount of time before Trent finally makes a comeback and gets the tag.

Bailey repeatedly kicks Myers in the chest and gets a two count. Bailey runs across the ring and kicks Edwards off of the apron before running with Myers up the turnbuckle. Trent runs over and superplexes Myers, then Bailey hits a Shooting Star Press for two. Bailey sets up for a big kick, but Eddie pulls him out of the ring. Eddie takes him down and taunts Trent, then they trade chops.

Eddie kicks him in the knee and hits a Tiger Driver for two, then goes into a single-leg Crab on the injured knee. Speedball tries to make the save but Myers puts him in a crossface. Bailey breaks it and takes Myers out on the floor, then he repeatedly kicks Eddie in the chest while Eddie still has Trent in the leglock. Speedball Mountain pull Eddie up and hit a spin kick / Dragon suplex combo for two. Trent sets up a Burminghammer but Eddie shoves him into the corner, then hits a Backpack Stunner, while Myers hits an elbow drop for two.

Eddie can’t believe Trent kicked out, then they go for the Roster Cut but Speedball Mountain reverses and whip them into each other. Trent hits the Burminghammer and Bailey hits a somersault knee strike, but Myers narrowly kicks out at two. Myers and Bailey go to the floor and Bailey sends Myers into the ringpost. Bailey goes to charge him from the apron, and Myers smashes Bailey on the ground with a spear. Trent snaps Eddie’s fingers and goes for The Bitter End, but Myers and Eddie end up hitting the Roster Cut and Boston Knee Party for the win.

Winners – The System


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