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The Wrestling Showcase Live Results (09/03/2022)

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Indy Pro Wrestling's Sean Lennon was live and in attendance for tonight's show at the Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg, IL.


Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller w/ Sonny Onoo defeated Dave Segan

NWA North American Champion Cyon defeated Joe Alonzo


Rich Swann defeated Johnny Showcase

Swann won via pinfall after a kick combination

Josh Alexander defeated Moose

Alexander won via pinfall with a rollup coming off the ropes

Jacob Fatu defeated Steve Maclin

Fatu won via pinfall with the SST

Matt Cardona cuts a pre-match promo about making it back from injury in three months, and he’s going to add the Wrestling Showcase Championship to his accolades tonight.

Matt Cardona defeated Tatanka

Cardona brought his Internet Championship in the ring but the referee took it from him. While the ref was disposing of the title, Cardona hit a low blow and rolled up Tatanka. After the match, Tatanka hit Cardona with a Samoan drop and Cardona ran away yelling that he tore his bicep again. Sideline reporter Jon Alba was set to interview Cardona, but he ended up heading backstage to try and find out what was going on.

OVW Showcase

Kal Herro defeated Luke Curtis

Herro won via pinfall after the Fanny Pack Knee


Josh Alexander defeated Rich Swann

Alexander won via pinfall after hitting a C-4 spike driver

Jacob Fatu defeated Brian Myers

Matt Cardona (who had his arm in a sling) said he was unable to compete and Myers would compete in his place. Fatu stopped Cardona from interfering, then won via pinfall after hitting the SST and a moonsault

MLW Women’s Featherweight Championship

Taya Valkyrie (c) defeated Chelsea Green and Deonna Purrazzo

The final moments of the match saw Purrazzo kick referee Brian Hebner out of the ring, then used the opportunity to hit Taya with the title. Green was credited as the winner of the match after she hit the Unprettier and made the cover, as he didn’t see the shenanigans. Karen Jarrett came out and restarted the match, noting that she wouldn’t let it stand. Chelsea and Deonna tried to attack again, but Taya booted Chelsea in the face and sent Deonna outside before getting a bridge pin for the win.


Matt Cardona defeated Josh Alexander and Jacob Fatu

Matt Cardona came out after the initial introductions and says he consulted his lawyer. He wants Fatu thrown out for putting his hands on Cardona during the semifinal match against Myers. Karen Jarrett enters the ring and says she actually agrees with Cardona… but it shouldn’t be a one-on-one match. She officially adds Cardona to the match.

The final moments of the match see Chelsea Green trying to stop Fatu from attacking Cardona. Fatu picks her up instead in Samoan drop position, then Brian Myers runs in and tries to hit him with his title. Fatu turns his attention to him, so Green low blows Fatu, then Myers knocks Fatu down before Cardona crawls over for the cover.

Jon Alba tries to interview Cardona after the win, but Josh Shernoff steals the mic from his hand and Cardona brags about his latest accomplishment.


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