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The Young Bucks Crowned New AEW Tag Team Champions At Dynasty

Ladder Match For AEW World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (Matthew & Nicholas Jackson) vs. FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler)

Both teams start brawling. Harwood ducks an EVP Trigger, and Wheeler hits a diving clothesline. The Young Bucks hit Harwood with a ladder. Wheeler kicks the ladder into the Jacksons. Matthew drives Cash into a barricade. Harwood and Wheeler climb up a ladder, but they’re both stopped. Nicholas gets slammed onto a ladder. Harwood drops Matthew onto a ladder as well.

Matthew hits a cannonball senton onto Wheeler while he’s laid out on a ladder. Harwood is busted open, and the Bucks hit him with chairs. The Bucks send Harwood into a ladder and isolate Wheeler, sending him crashing onto a ladder as well. Wheeler rallies and hits a moonsault off a ladder that’s set up horizontally at ringside. The Bucks hit Wheeler with the EVP Trigger. FTR rallies with stereo suplexes. Wheeler fires up and dumps Nicholas with a powerslam.

FTR hits Nicholas with a double-team bulldog. Harwood hits a slingshot powerbomb. Wheeler sends Matthew crashing through a table, and his head hits the barricade. Nicholas sends Harwood through a table, and he lands hard on his knee. Matthew and Wheeler battle on the ladder. Both teams fight on top of the ladder. FTR hits Matthew with the Shatter Machine. Nicholas hits FTR with a chair. Wheeler hits a splash off a ladder.

Matthew rallies. Harwood slams him onto a ladder. Nicholas sends Wheeler through a table with a 450 splash. Harwood spikes Matthew with a piledriver that sends them through a ladder. Nicholas hits Harwood with a powerbomb off a ladder. Harwood goes for a dive to the outside but comes up empty as he crashes through a table. Harwood goes for the titles, but a masked man runs in and knocks over the ladder. It’s revealed to be Jack Perry. Matthew Jackson unhooks the titles to win the match. Perry throws up the Elite symbol as security escorts him away.

Winners and new AEW World Tag Team Champions: The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks celebrate their win.


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