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TNA IMPACT On AXS Tv Live Results (05/09/2024)

This week’s episode of TNA iMPACT kicks off with a recap of last week’s Under Siege pay-per-view.

Following Under Siege, every member of The System holds championship gold and the group will celebrate that accomplishment on TNA Impact tonight.

While neither TNA World Champion Moose or Tag Team Champions Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers defended their titles Friday, team member Alisha Edwards & non-member Masha Slamovich won the Knockouts Tag Team titles.

ABC (Chris Bey & Ace Austin) will face Speedball Mountain (Mike Bailey & Trent Seven) in a first-time-ever match where the winning team will square off for an X-Division title match..

In another tag team bout, First Class (Rich Swann & AJ Francis) will battle The FBI's Ray Jaz & Zack Clayton with Little Guido in their corner.

After debuting his new look at Under Siege, the masked Jonathan Gresham will return on tonight's show in an attempt to go 2-0.

The show started with a recap of Under Siege highlighting Alisha Edwards winning the Knockouts Tag Titles with Masha Slamovich, Mustafa Ali retaining the X Division Title over Ace Austin and The System defeating House Hardy in the main event leading into the opening video.

The Albany Fire Cheerleaders adorned the stage as the ring announcer introduced The System as they headed to the ring for their championship celebration. Bryan Myers spoke first and told fans to feast their eyes on the greatest faction in TNA history because at ‘Under Siege’ every member of The System left as a champion. Moose took the mic and said that he has played on a lot of great teams, but The System is the greatest team.

Eddie Edwards next said that they already walked into ‘Under Siege’ as champions but his ride or die Alisha won gold and Alisha may be the greatest Knockouts Tag Champion of all time.

Alisha thanked Eddie and pointed to the video screen where she had a video to show. The video showing highlights of The System’s success played for a few seconds before it was interrupted by the music of ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy who made his way to the ring.

Matt had a microphone and said he understood The System and knows what he must do to render Moose obsolete. Alisha interrupted and Matt called her a snow witch and implied that Rebecca Hardy may show up. Moose said there is 4 of them and only one of Matt. Matt responded by swinging a steel chair that he brought with him. Alisha hit Hardy with kendra the kendo stick which allowed The System to take control.

The System wrapped a chair around the neck of Matt looking to injure him like they did Nic Nemeth a couple of weeks ago. Ryan Nemeth made the save as The System bailed and the cheerleaders did the delete gesture to end the segment.

Next up, a recap of the X Division Title match at ‘Under Siege’ between Mustafa Ali and Ace Austin.

Backstage, Gia Miller interviewed ABC who said that ABC will face Speedball Mountain tonight with the winning team facing each other for a future X Division Title shot. Ace Austin said that he would already have been champion if Chris Bey was at ringside at ‘Under Siege’ teasing further dissension between the two.

Santino Marella was backstage and was interrupted by The System who asked him to do his job. Marella said he is going to make a huge announcement and to stay tuned.

First Class (Rich Swann & AJ Francis) vs The FBI (Ray Jaz & Zack Clayton) w/ Guido

Swann and Jaz started the match before Jaz tagged in Clayton. Swann in response tagged Francis and Francis choked Clayton over the ropes. Clayton looked for the hot tag to Jaz and was successful and Francis tagged in Swann. Jaz dropped Swann for a near fall but Francis made the save. Francis took care of Jaz with a chokeslam and Swann hit the frog splash for the victory. Nice showcase match for First Class.

Winners: First Class

Jake Something was backstage with Santino but was interrupted by The Rascalz. Marella said that if they wanted action then it will be The Rascalz against Jake Something and a partner of his choosing tonight. Cody Deaner showed up to offer his services to Something.

Kon and Steph Delander were on Alan Angels talk show set. The interview went downhill quickly with Angels implying that Kon and Delander were dating. Steph asked Kon if he was friends with Angels and Kon said no and he was out of there. Kon threw Angels to the side as Kon and Delander walked off.

Jake Something & Cody Deaner vs The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz & Trey Miguel)

Before the match started, Deaner asked the fans if they wanted a regular tag match or an Albany Tornado Tag match. Deaner said the people have spoken and as per Santino Marella the Tornado match is official.

Something and Deaner were in control going into a picture-in-picture break. The Rascalz took control as Wentz dropped Something with a kick at ringside and zoned in on Deaner 2-on-1. Something threw Miguel to the outside as he attempted a comeback but The Rascalz cut him off and turned their attention back to Deaner.

Miguel gained a near fall as Something made his way back into the ring. Something dropped Wentz with a clothesline and splashed Miguel. Wentz attempted a dive on Something but was caught and thrown at Miguel.

Something hit a powerbomb and Deaner a neckbreaker on Miguel. Deaner went for a cover as Wentz also covered Something for a double pin scenario but both men kicked out.

Something followed Miguel to ringside but Miguel used spray paint to blind Something as Wentz with an assistance from Miguel pinned Deaner with the double stomp.

Winners: The Rascalz

Post match, Steve Maclin took out The Rascalz. Backstage Maclin and Kazarian bickered as Kazarian said the issues between them and Josh Alexander and Eric Young were not over. Maclin begged to differ.

Tom Hannifan interviewed Mike Santana who said his return to TNA was a long time coming and he calls TNA home. Hannifan said that many fans know Santana as a member of LAX. Santana said that was his first experience on television. Hannifan asked Santana what he has happened to him since leaving TNA (then IMPACT) in 2019, Santana said that he lost his father during his time away from the company and the pandemic happened, so a lot of issues came to the surface. Hannifan said that it was public knowledge that Santana made the decision to go sober. Santana said that he had to save his life. To be continued.

Gabby LaSpisa, host of ‘Gabby AF’ was in the ring and said that she had scored an interview with Ash By Elegance. Before she could introduce Ash, she was interrupted by the personal concierge who made the introduction himself.

Ash was helped into the ring and took a microphone. Gabby wanted to clarify the meaning of ‘Ash by Elegance’. Ash said that Elegance is a lifestyle brand. Gabby said she had not heard of that. Ash said the interview was the most classless that she has ever done. Gabby apologized and sent it to the video wall which showed Ash taking out Havok at ‘Under Siege’. Gabby also showed the footage of Xia Brookside defeating Ash a couple of weeks ago.

Xia Brookside was introduced and Xia put forward the chance of a rematch for Ash’s stolen jewellery. Ash accepted for next week.

A video package played detailing Joe Hendry’s surge up the music charts over the last week.

Santino Marella announced a ‘Champions Challenge’ for next week. The champions side consists of Moose, Eddie Edwards, Bryan Myers, Alisha Edwards, Masha Slamovich, Jordynne Grace, Mustafa Ali and Laredo Kid vs the All-Stars of Matt Hardy, Steph Delander, Sami Callihan, Eric Young, Ryan Nemeth, Spitfire and Joe Hendry.

Jonathan Gresham vs Will Ferrara

Gresham dominated Ferrara as the match began. Gresham tied up the arms before applying the heel hook. Ferrara attempted a comeback but Gresham hit a dropkick to the knee. Ferrara elbowed out of a German Suplex attempt but Gresham took Ferrara down once more and drilled the knee into the canvas. Gresham began spitting up ink and applied the mandible claw on Ferrara for the victory. Nice continued character development for Gresham.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

A video package detailed next week’s edition.

Mustafa Ali entered the arena to join the announce team.

ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) vs Speedball Mountain (Mike Bailey & Trent Seven)

Bailey and Bey started the match. Bailey rocked Bey with the standing dropkick and made the tag to Seven. Seven continued to work on Bey before tagging Bailey back in. Bey battled through and tagged in Austin who stomped on Bailey in the corner and gained a near fall.

Back in, Bey continued to wear down Bailey. Bailey fought through the pain and made the tag once more to Seven who hit a suplex and gained a close near fall. He looked to finish and placed Bey on the top turnbuckle. Seven hit the Superplex as Bailey looked for the shooting star but Bey moved out of the way.

Back from commercial, Austin continued to wear down Bailey and dropped him with a sidekick. Bey and Seven back in the ring traded chops with Seven gaining the upper hand after a side punch but Bey would rally and wear down Seven as ABC looked for a double team.

All four men traded shots in the ring, and ABC went for ‘Too Sweet’ but Seven and Bailey hit superkicks and Seven hit the seven star lariat on Austin for the two count as Bey made the save once more.

ABC looked to finish but were cut off by stereo dives to the outside from Bailey and Seven. Bailey hit the tornado kick on Bey and went to the top but was pushed off to the floor by Austin who followed up with the Fosbury flop to the outside.

Ali applauded at the announce desk which distracted Austin. Bey went to finish in the ring but was cut off and sent from the ring. Austin back in the ring was hit with the burning hammer from Seven and ultima weapon from Bailey for the win.

Winners: Speedball Mountain

Severn and Bailey will now face each other one on one for a future X Division Title shot.

This was a fantastic TV main event and a strong edition of Impact. In post Scott D’Amore environment, TNA continues to show promise for future shows and stories.


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