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TNA Wrestling Against All Odds Results (06/14/2022)

Updated: Jun 15

Welcome to Indy Pro Wrestling's live coverage of TNA Wrestling's Against All Odds.

Keep refreshing this page for full results as they come out live. Indy Pro Wrestling will be attending this event live!

Matt Hardy will attempt to become a three-time TNA World Champion as he attempts to dethrone Moose on tonight’s Against All Odds from Chicago, Illinois, under “Broken” rules which is assumed to mean anything goes.

After her unsuccessful attempt to become WWE NXT Women’s Champion, Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace has issued an open challenge for tonight’s show which will likely be answered by a notable opponent.

TNA Tag Team Champions The System (Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers) will defend against Nic & Ryan Nemeth while X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali will defend his title against Trent Seven.

Rivals will become partners as Steve Maclin & Mike Santana will unite to take on The Rascalz, and Josh Alexander & Eric Young will team up against former tag champions ABC.

Joe Hendry goes one-on-one with Frankie Kazarian while PCO takes on former TNA World Champion Rich Swann.

The pre-show will see Knockouts Tag Team Champions Masha Slamovich & Alisha Edwards defend against The Hex, and Sami Callihan vs. Jonathan Gresham.

Sami Callihan defeated Jonathan Gresham

The Countdown to TNA Against All Odds pre-show kicks off inside the Impact Zone in Cicero Stadium in Chicago, with “The Octopus”

Jonathan Gresham immediately making his way out to the ring for the opening contest. Out next is “The Death Machine” Sami Callihan. The fight immediately kicks off with a bang.

Callihan and Gresham brawl at ringside. Callihan licks his hand and chops the hell out of Gresham before Gresham fights back and sends Callihan into the steel ring post, shoulder-first. The two continue to fight on the floor, where Callihan hits a vicious suplex.

Back inside the ring, Gresham takes over and starts to use his sadistic style of offense, biting and gouging away at Callihan. KUSHIDA ends up coming out in doctor’s gear. He takes a swipe inside Gresham’s mouth and took a sample of the ink to get to the bottom of what has been going on with Gresham as of late. The distraction sets Callihan up for a pile driver for the win.

Masha Slamovich & Alisha Edwards defeated Marti Belle & Allysin Kay to retain TNA Knockouts Tag-Team Championship

After a quick backstage interview with Moose, who talks about the antics he endured during his visit to The Hardy Compound last night on Impact, we return inside the host venue for our second match on the Countdown pre-show.

Kicking things off for their respective teams are Edwards and Kay. Edwards demands Kay tag in Belle. She does and Belle immediately suplexes her down to the mat. She quickly tags Kay back in, who works Edwards over in the corner. Edwards quick-crawls to her corner and tags in Slamovich. She charges into a big shot from Edwards, who follows up by whipping her into the opposing corner.

She follows her in with a big elbow. She slams Slamovich down and hits a senton off the ropes. Belle tags in and follows up with a big splash for a pinfall attempt for a count of two. The Hex work over Slamovich in their corner of the ring, utilizing frequent tags to keep a fresh person on her at all times.

While tied up with the referee, Edwards yanks the hair of Kay to bring her down to the mat from the apron. She tags in and goes to work on Edwards in the corner as fans start up an anti-System chant. Slamovich tags back in and blasts Kay in between the shoulder blades with a vicious kick. The two land a clothesline at the same time. Both are down and both make it to their respective corners for the tag.

Belle and Edwards hit the ring with a ton of energy, but it Belle who settles in the offensive driver’s seat. Fans chant “Marti! Marti!” as she hits running double knees on Edwards in the corner. Edwards hits the DeLish, but is immediately taken out by Belle from behind afterwards. Belle and Edwards trade shots and Kay hits a Saito Suplex. Belle goes for the cover but only gets two.

The Hex end up alone in the ring with Edwards. They go for X Marks The Spot, but Slamovich returns to the ring to make the save. Edwards pushed Kay into Slamovich and Belle looked for a roll up from behind, only to get a count of two. The Hex go for X Marks The Spot again, but on the follow-up pin attempt, Slamovich jumps over to break it up just in time. Fans chant “That Was Three!” afterwards.

Edwards power bombs Kay off the ropes in the corner. Slamovich gets Belle on her shoulders and Edwards hits a bull dog to bring her off the hard way. A follow-up pin attempt gets a three count. Masha Slamovich and Alisha Edwards retain.

Mike Santana & Steve Maclin defeated The Rascalz (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz)

Tag-team action kicks things off on the pay-per-view portion of the 13th annual TNA Against All Odds pay-per-view. Santana and Wentz start things off for their respective teams. Santana looks for Spin The Block early, but Wentz avoids it. Maclin asks for the tag, and Santana obliges. Wentz also tags out, bringing in Miguel.

Maclin tags Santana back in after a few moves, and the two go for a double-suplex. Miguel takes over on Santana when the dust settles, choking him in the corner and raking his eyes along the top-rope. Miguel tags Wentz back in for some double-team spots, and Wentz picks up where Miguel left off, taking it to a grounded Santana.

Santana gets back to his feet and chops his way out of the corner. Wentz turns him back into the corner and blasts him with some chops of his own, before tagging Miguel back in. Miguel hits a single leg drop kick to Santana for a two-count. The Rascalz take turns kicking Santana on his knees, but Santana fights his way free and tags Maclin back in.

Maclin hits a big Olympic slam on Wentz to shift the offensive momentum. He hits the ropes and runs over Miguel when he tries getting involved. He walks into a cutter on Wentz from the apron. Wentz hits a running shooting star for a nearfall, only getting a count of two for his efforts. Miguel goes after the eyes of Maclin on the apron while Wentz has the referee’s back turned.

Miguel decks Maclin with a big kick. He stands on his throat and taunts the crowd before tagging Wentz back in. Wentz dropkicks Maclin under the bottom rope and out to the floor. Wentz wraps Maclin’s arm around the steel ring post before Miguel takes over back inside the ring.

Miguel goes for a Meteora, but Maclin counters and tags Santana back in. Santana takes the hot tag and hits the ring like a man possessed, taking out any-and-everything that moves with chops and kicks. He hits a wild “two-for-one” DDT. He follows up with a rolling Buck-50. Maclin hits a big running knee for a nearfall that only gets him two.

Wentz leaps up to Maclin on the turnbuckle in the corner with a big knee. He tags out and The Rascalz hit a double-team senton spot for a razor-close nearfall attempt. The Rascalz hit a big double-team stomp off the ropes spot for another close pin attempt moments later. A loud “TNA! TNA!” chant breaks out. Maclin tags in Santana, who hits a big lariat and super kick.

He hits an enzugiri in the corner. Miguel has the spray paint, but Maclin drills him from behind. Santana hangs him upside down in the tree of woe in the corner for Maclin. Maclin and Santana hit Caught in the Cross-hairs. Santana follows up with Spin The Block for the pinfall victory to wrap up an excellent opener to set the tone for the evening. After the match, fans chant for Maclin and Santana to “Hug It Out!” They do.

“BROKEN” Matt Hardy With A Message For Moose

Backstage, “BROKEN” Matt Hardy vows to make The System obsolete after tonight and become a three-time TNA World Champion. He talks about the match with Moose being a Broken Rules match and says tonight will end in a twist of fate with him holding the TNA Championship of the world.

PCO defeated Rich Swann

After that wraps up, back inside the building the new TNA Digital Media Champion AJ Francis accompanies his fellow First Class member Rich Swann to the ring. He cuts a promo as they settle in the ring, claiming they are reporting live from the worst city in the United States — Chicago. He tells us to have no fear because he is our TNA Digital Media Champion.

He claims he wears a Bulls jersey despite hating Chicago because it’s a Scottie Pippen jersey and he’s the Scottie Pippen of this business. He says everyone talked about Michael Jordan, but Jordan didn’t win anything until Pippen showed up. The lights go out and “PCO!” chants spread as “The French Canadian Frankenstein” emerges after a cinematic Frankenstein entrance.

The bell sounds and PCO immediately goes to work on Swann, grounding the First Class member and isolating his leg. PCO hits some big shots and then comes off the ropes with a dropkick to the back of Swann’s head. AJ Francis grabs PCO’s foot from ringside, which allows Swann to take over. Swann knocks PCO out to the floor. He hits a 450 splash off the ring apron onto PCO on the floor.

Back in the ring, Swann chokes PCO on the middle rope and then ties up the referee so Francis can blast PCO with a cheap shot from the floor. Swann puts the boots to PCO and climbs up to the middle rope for another 450 splash. This time, however, PCO moves out of the way and starts to come back to life as fans chant his name. PCO plants Swann with a DDT.

With Swann on his stomach, PCO puts his boots on the middle rope to put his body in an incline. While laying like that, PCO hits a middle rope leg drop. He goes to follow-up, but again Francis gets involved at ringside. As PCO comes out after him, Francis knocks him off the apron. He rolls PCO back in to Swann, who heads to the top-rope. He takes too long though, and PCO crotches him in the corner.

He knocks Francis down and then hits a wild flipping dive through the ropes to take Francis out at ringside. PCO came awfully close to landing on top of his head on the way down. Back in the ring, PCO hits the top-rope PCO-sault for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Steph De Lander makes her way out and joins PCO in the ring. She pulls PCO’s love letter out of her shirt and talks about how he gave it to her a few weeks ago. She says everyone has been wanting to know what her answer is. Does she say, “No?” Does she say, “Yes?” Does she swipe left, or does she swipe right? De Lander tells PCO she made him wait long enough. Will she go on a date with PCO? Her answer is, “Oui!”

Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers (w/ Alisha Edwards) defeated Nic & Ryan Nemeth to retain TNA World Tag-Team Championship

The “tag lines” graphic is shown on the screen ahead of their ring walks. Ryan Nemeth and Brian Myers kick things off for their respective teams. Nemeth does well with Myers early on, and quickly tags in Nic Nemeth. Nemeth picks up where his brother left off, taking it to one-half of The System in the early going.

Edwards tags in and Nemeth works him over, until Alisha Edwards gets involved at ringside. This leads to Dirty Dango coming out from the back out of nowhere and Edwards being ejected from ringside and sent to the back.

When the dust settles, Myers goes to work on Nic Nemeth in the ring, starting a lengthy run of offensive control for the reigning and defending tag champs. Nic finally makes the much-needed tag to Ryan Nemeth, who hits the ring and starts to take over until Myers blasts him with a kick and tags in Edwards.

Myers hits a big spear on Nemeth and Edwards adds to their offensive lead as the legal man. Dirty Dango remained at ringside and is hanging out in the Nemeth corner on the floor. TNA World Champion Moose also makes his way out from the break and he remains at ringside as Nic Nemeth tags in and fires up on offense. He hits a Fame-Asser for a two-count.

Fans chant “F**k Your Mohawk!” at Edwards. Nemeth hits Danger Zone and this one appeared over. He went for the cover, but there was interference from ringside. Moose and Dirty Dango are shown looking around. As the referee deals with this, Dirty Dango shocks everyone and sneak-attacks Ryan Nemeth, leading to Edwards scoring the pinfall victory. Dango celebrates with The System afterwards.

Frankie Kazarian defeated Joe Hendry

Gia Miller talks with ABC backstage for a quick backstage interview to promote their match against Josh Alexander and Eric Young. We then see footage of Jordynne Grace’s ear being worked on by the doctor backstage before her TNA Knockouts Championship Open Challenge later this evening.

Back inside the ring, Frankie Kazarian is introduced for the next match. Joe Hendry comes out as fans sing along with the hit smash, “I Believe In Joe Hendry!” The commentators point out there is a giant Joe Hendry billboard in Scotland today. Hendry gets on the mic after “We Believe!” chants die down.

He says there was a tiny bit of speculation about if he would show up tonight. He says he chose to be in Chicago and in TNA. He mentions taking on a TNA legend tonight and asks if Kaz has ever told him he looks like Antonio Bandaras of pro wrestling. He says like him, he’s hanging on a little too long.

Hendry says Kazarian got to ask himself if he’s really the king of TNA or just the dad from Spy Kids. Fans chant “Dad from Spy Kids!” The bell sounds to start this one off, and Hendry immediately goes to work on the arm of Kazarian. Kazarian breaks free. Hendry goes for a suplex but Kazarian blocks it and chops him. Kaz then walks into a kick from Hendry, who again goes for a suplex.

This time Kazarian counters into a chicken wing attempt. Hendry escapes and slams Kazarian down to the mat as another “We Believe!” chant breaks out. Hendry hoists Kazarian up for a long delayed suplex. Kazarian fights back with a guillotine leg-drop and a clothesline. He enjoys a few minutes in the offensive lead. Hendry fights back and hits some of his trademark spots.

As Hendry goes to finish things off, Kaz reaches in his tights and loads his fist up. Hendry hoists him up for a back suplex over the ropes, but Kaz blasts him with the loaded fist to knock him unconscious. He falls on him for the cover and gets the three count in what came out of nowhere.

The commentators point out what happened on a replay after the match. Kazarian puts Hendry in a chicken wing to add insult to injury. Ace Steel runs out to restore order. Kazarian backs off but then shoves Steel when he turned around. Steel turned and decked Kazarian with a single punch to wrap up the post-match scene.

Mustafa Ali defeated Trent Seven to retain TNA X-Division Championship

The “Tale of the Tape” graphic for the X-Division Championship contest flashes on the screen, and then Trent Seven makes his way out for his big title opportunity. The reigning and defending TNA X-Division Champion Mustafa Ali is out next, as commentators remind us that Campaign Singh and “Speedball” Mike Bailey are banned from ringside for this match.

Before the match begins, Trent Seven informs Mustafa Ali, who got a huge hometown pop from the Chicago crowd, that things were still rolling when he and Tom Hannifan’s interview ended on Impact. The footage is shown, which shows Ali showing his true colors and that he has been disingenuous all along as expected.

When we return live, fans chant “What’d He Say? What’d He Say?” as the audio wasn’t super hot. Trent gets a fast start on Ali and tries pulling off the title upset victory within seconds, but Ali avoids being put away. The fight spills out to the floor. Ali tries scolding the commentators for the footage we just saw, but Trent blasts him with a big shot and then machine gun rapid-fire chops against the barricade.

Back in the ring, Ali shifts the offensive momentum back in his favor. Fans break out in a “We Still Love You! We Still Love You!” chant as he adds to his lead over the Speedball Mountain challenger. Ali leaps at Seven in the corner with a knee, but is caught and power-bombed into the mat for his troubles. Ali fights back with a neck-breaker that helps him take back over control of the action.

Seven fights back and hits a Bop-N-Bang in the corner. Ali fights back with a wild DDT to the knee of Seven off the middle rope. Ali hits a low blow behind the referee’s back and follows up with the Seven Star Lariat. He can’t get the three-count, however, and Seven starts to fight back into the lead. He hits a huge scoop-slam off the top-rope for a close nearfall attempt.

Fans break out in a loud “This Is Awesome!” chant, which transitions into a passionate “TNA! TNA!” chant. Seven goes for the Birming-Hammer, but Ali blatantly goes to the eyes of Seven to avoid it. Ali attacks the left leg of Seven once again. Ali climbs to the middle rope, but Seven stops him from the apron. Seven climbs up after him.

Seven shoulder-smashes Ali off the ropes and he crashes down below on the hard part of the ring apron before landing on the floor at ringside. Fans chant “Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t!” The referee gets to the count of nine. Seven rolls into the ring to avoid being counted out, but as soon as he does, Ali connects with a 450 Splash for a pin attempt. Seven kicks out. Fans chant “That Was Three! That Was Three!”

Ali heads out to the floor angrily looking for something. He gets his X-Division Championship belt and takes it into the ring. He goes to blast Seven with it, but the referee stops him and takes it. As the ref is getting rid of the belt, Seven blasts Ali with a blatant low blow behind his back. He follows up with the Birming-Hammer for a close nearfall, but somehow Ali kicks out to keep this one going.

Seven hits Ali with a loud back chop. He sits him on the top turnbuckle and blasts him with another one before climbing up after him. He hoists Ali onto his shoulders for a Super Birming-Hammer, but Ali goes to the eyes of Seven once again to escape. He knocks Seven down to the mat and flies off the top-rope with a 450 Splash to the legs. He follows up by putting Seven in a Sharpshooter and cranking back on the weakened leg for the quick tap out victory.

Frankie Kazarian Gets Chicago Street Fight For Thursday’s Impact

Backstage, we see a livid Frankie Kazarian complaining about Ace Steel. Santino Marella walks up and tells him to take it easy. Santino asks if he wants to get his hands on him. Kazarian says he wrestled in the 1970s, but he’s probably dirty. Santino ends up making a Chicago Street Fight between Frankie Kazarian vs. Ace Steel for Thursday’s post-Against All Odds episode of TNA iMPACT On AXS TV.

ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) defeated Josh Alexander & Eric Young

Tag-team action is up next. The ABC duo of Ace Austin and Chris Bey make their way to the ring. Out next is the first of their two opponents, Eric Young. “The World Class Maniac” heads to the ring with his mask on and hood up. His partner, “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander, joins him in the ring and the bell sounds to start things off.

Kicking things off for their respective teams are Young and Bey. Young, in his Team Canada style singlet, takes the early offensive lead over Bey. He stops to do the Too Sweet hand gesture, which Bey obliges by doing it as well. Young and Bey both tag out and Alexander takes it to Austin. Austin tags out and Bey takes a shot at “The Walking Weapon.” Bey hits a nice hurricanrana and follows up with another big shot.

Alexander tags out. Young comes in and immediately finds himself on the defensive. Bey tags in Austin. The two hit some double team spots and then Bey tags back in again to work over Young. Fans rally behind Young with “Super Eric” chants. He fights back and finally makes the much needed tag to Alexander. Alexander hits a big release German Suplex on Bey.

Young tags back in and the two hit a double team spot off the ropes for a two count. A grab down low on Bey gets a huge pop and subsequent “Holy Sht! Holy Sht!” chant from the Chicago crowd. Austin tags in and hits Click Click Boom. He fights off both Alexander and Young by himself for a few moments. Alexander goes for a cross-body under the ropes onto Austin on the floor, but Austin had it well-scouted and avoided it.

Alexander locks Austin in an ankle lock from the floor. Bey hits a dive to break that up. Young follows that up with a final leaping splash over the ropes onto the pile of bodies on the floor. Alexander and Austin are left alone as the legal two men in the ring. Alexander heads to the top-rope as fans chant “Please Be Careful!” Austin ends up locking him in an ankle lock. Alexander escapes. Austin tags in Bey.

He hits a back suplex as Bey hits a top-rope splash for a cool double team spot. Alexander ends up with Austin on his back. Austin slaps on a sleeper hold. Alexander fights that off while picking up Bey. He hits a suplex with Austin still on his back choking him. Young tags back in. He looks for a pile driver on Austin, but lets it go when he sees Bey on the ropes.

He ends up getting Austin and Bey over his shoulders at the same time. They both escape and hit stereo kicks on the TNA legend for a close two-count. Young and Austin run into a camera man in the corner and the feed goes out for a second or two, as color bars flash on the screen. Alexander hits a wild back-breaker on Bey for a close two-count. He tags in Young.

They hit a rolling senton and top-rope elbow drop double-team spot for a close pin attempt, which Austin breaks up just in time. Alexander goes for the C4 Spike. Young accidentally takes out Alexander going for a move, and Bey capitalizes by finishing him off for the pinfall victory. Really, really good match from these four.

TNA Emergence, TNA Victory Road Dates & Ticket On-Sale Information

TNA Emergence is announced for Friday, August 30 in Louisville, KY. TNA Victory Road is on Friday, September 13 in Cleveland, OH. Tickets for both shows go on-sale on Monday at

Jordynne Grace defeated Tatum Paxley in an Open Challenge to retain TNA Knockouts Championship

The stage is set for our next match of the evening, which is one of the co-featured bouts. The TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace, who has been the talk of the wrestling town the past couple of weeks, heads to the ring for her advertised Open Challenge.

The commentators remind us she was getting stitches in her ear earlier tonight after her hard-fought battle at NXT Battleground 2024 against NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez. Answering Grace’s open challenge, after a slight delay, is none other than WWE NXT Superstar Tatum Paxley.

As Paxley settles inside the squared circle as the mystery open challenge opponent for TNA Knockouts Champion Grace, the commentators remind us that she tried to steal the TNA Knockouts Championship at NXT Battleground 2024, before ending up in a pull-apart with Ash By Elegance.

Now the Personal Concierge of Ash by Elegance, George Iceman, comes out to interrupt the two before the match begins. He talks about the injustice she faced by Paxley. He says they won’t file a lawsuit. He then does his long drawn out introduction for Ash By Elegance, who comes out to get a close look at this match.

She takes a seat at the top of the entrance ramp and then the bell sounds to get things started between Grace and Paxley. The two lock-up and Grace muscles the NXT Superstar into the corner, where she gives her a clean break. The two lock-up again and once again the stronger champion muscles the challenger into the corner, giving her a clean break.

Grace continues to dominate the action, hitting some of her trademark spots. She goes for a Juggernaut Driver, but Paxley avoids it. Paxley hits her signature move off the ropes and then slaps a choke/headlock on Grace, which she focuses on the bad stitched up ear of the TNA Knockouts Champion.

Grace hits a Juggernaut Jackhammer for a close nearfall attempt. Ash By Elegance is shown watching on from the top of the stage as a loud “This is Wrestling!” chant spreads throughout Cicero Stadium. Paxley goes for a back-slide pin attempt, but Grace hits a back-fist to avoid it. Grace hits a Death Valley Driver and rolls through into a Juggernaut Driver for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Ash By Elegance runs down to the ring with her fist loaded with a foreign object. She goes to hit her with it, but Grace avoids it. She points out the bejeweled knuckles after taking Ash out. On the floor, she dumps her own champagne all over as she kicks and screams. The TNA Knockouts Champion heads to the back to wrap up the post-match scene.

Moose defeated “BROKEN” Matt Hardy in a Broken Rules match to retain TNA World Championship

After the TNA Knockouts Championship contest wrapped up, the pre-match video package for the main event aired to set the stage for the TNA World Championship contest, which will be under “Broken Rules.” No countouts, no disqualifications. “BROKEN” Matt Hardy emerges to a big pop and chants of “DELETE! DELETE!”

The reigning, defending TNA World Champion Moose is out next as fans in Chi-Town chant his name while he makes his way to the ring accompanied by The System members Eddie Edwards, Brian Myers and Alisha Edwards. The bell gets this one started and the two lead fans in dueling “Delete! Delete!” and “Moose! Moose!” chants.

Hardy and Moose start to mix it up, and we see Hardy start off strong. Moose fights back and takes over, but Hardy comes to life again out of nowhere and brings the fight out to the floor. Hardy connects with a Twist of Fate on Moose on the floor. Moose is completely out. Hardy takes a while to get the big man up and back into the ring. As soon as he does, however, Moose rolls right back out to the floor.

Hardy follows out after him, but Moose grabs a trash can lid and blasts him with it hard. He repeats this a few times and then Alisha Edwards is shown throwing chairs in the ring. Moose, meanwhile, slams Hardy on a trash can on the floor. Moose grabs a steel chair and wears it out over the back of a grounded Hardy at ringside.

Moose drags a steel ladder from under the ring. He heads over to the other side of the ring and reaches under, where he pulls out another chair. He heads over and blasts Hardy across the spine with it twice, just as Hardy was finally starting to get back to his feet. Moose then heads back to prop the ladder up on the ring apron. He unfolds a steel chair and lays the other side of the ladder on it.

Back in the ring, which is filled with dozens of chairs at this point, Moose goes to pick up a lifeless Hardy near the ladder bridge he just set up. Hardy blasts Moose with a low blow and then grabs one of the steel chairs and begins going to town on the TNA World Champion with it. Out on the floor again, the two fight through the crowd before returning inside the squared circle.

Once in the ring again, Hardy settles into a comfortable offensive lead. He has the TNA World Champion laid out and he climbs to the top-rope. Hardy leaps off and connects with a flying elbow smash for a close two-count. Moose starts to fight back and take over. He heads out to the floor, where he pulls a table out from under the ring. Moose puts the table in the ring and heads back in himself as well.

Moose leans the table long-ways against the turnbuckles in the corner. Alisha Edwards hands Moose another steel chair. Moose adds it to a massive pile of chairs. He brings Hardy up to the top-rope in front of the pile of chairs. He hits a super-plex with Hardy landing on the giant chair pile as fans break out in a loud “TNA! TNA!” chant. Moose goes for the cover, but Hardy will not die, as he kicks out at two.

Hardy recovers and takes back over on offense. He gets Moose off the top-rope and power-bombs him onto the giant pile of chairs for a close nearfall attempt of his own. Hardy heads out to the floor and pulls out a cardboard box from under the ring. Fans chant “What’s In The Box?!” Hardy puts it in the ring and begins to open it, when Moose blasts him in the back of the dome with a trash can lid.

Now the TNA World Champion heads over to the box and opens it himself. He smiles when he sees what it is. It’s his old football helmet. He puts it on, but sees Hardy recovering. He charges at him, but Hardy back-body-drops him onto the ladder bridge that Moose set up across the ring apron and an unfolded chair earlier in the match. Fans chant “Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t!” upon the crash-landing of the champ.

Hardy heads out to the floor and sets up a ladder before pulling out another table from under the ring. He then grabs a second ladder and sets it up on the other side of the table. Hardy climbs up to the top of the ladder and leaps off, putting Moose through the table down below with a flying leg-drop. After another “Holy sh*t!” chant dies down, Hardy rolls Moose back into the ring. Hardy is busted open and yells out, “I like the taste of my own blood!”

Fans respond with a “You sick f**k!” chant. Hardy unfolds a steel chair in the middle of the ring. He picks Moose up and hits a Twist of Fate onto it. He goes for the cover, but Alisha Edwards comes in with a kendo stick and blasts Hardy over and over again. Rebecca Hardy comes out to a big reaction from the crowd. She tackles Edwards and the two cat-fight in the ring. Edwards hits her with a kendo stick, but Rebecca fights back and hits a Twist of Fate.

Hardy recovers and gets back to his feet. He waits for Moose, who is in front of the table set up long ways in the corner, to get up. When he does, he charges at him and goes for a spear. Moose moves and Hardy spears his wife through the table. Moose follows up with a spear to Hardy and covers him for the pinfall victory to retain. The System re-join Moose in the ring to celebrate his victory.

Jeff Hardy Returns To TNA

They all hold their titles up high in the air. They aren’t satisfied with that, however, as they begin a post-match attack of Hardy and his wife, which includes them putting the boots to Hardy’s wife. Hardy covers her body with his own, ala Dusty Rhodes saving a young Dustin Rhodes from Ted DiBiase and Virgil. The theme for Joe Hendry hits for a big pop. He runs out to make the save, but gets guzzled up by The System almost immediately as well.

Out of nowhere, to the iconic sounds of his old WWE theme song, is none other than Jeff Hardy. “The Charismatic Enigma” comes out with some big specially designed steel chair, which he blasts over one of The System members before following up with Twists of Fate on anything that moves. He heads to the top-rope and hits a Swanton Bomb on Moose as the crowd in Chicago goes wild.

His legendary theme plays again as he and Matt Hardy embrace. Joe Hendry, Nic and Ryan Nemeth all join Matt, Jeff and Reby Hardy in the ring to pose as fans chant “TNA! TNA!” Matt Hardy leads everyone in a “DELETE! DELETE!” chant and then the credits roll to wrap up this year’s TNA Against All Odds pay-per-view.


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