• Carlos Astorga

We Hear From AEW World Champion Kenny Omega & Don Callis Following Appearance On IMPACT Wrestling

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Don Callis arrive to the venue in a helicopter with Tony Schiavone waiting in the ring. Marvez tries to get a word with him right off the bat, but they opt to go to the ring. Omega gets a full entrance as the two make their way into the ring. Schiavone asks a whole lot of questions, but then says he was disgusted with what happened last week. Callis takes the microphone, says well, the fans are also upset. Even Tony Khan is upset! Tony invited Callis in, made him feel welcome, then Tony probably felt like he got screwed. "Welcome to the business, kid." Callis says they were cooking up a plan like this for years. Callis talks about watching Omega become the best in wrestling. Callis refers to himself as The Invisible Hand, brings up Omega vs. Jericho in NJPW and how big that match was. It may even had a hand in forming AEW.

Omega then takes the microphone and says they were able to pull off their plan perfectly. Omega says everything he's done previously pales in comparison to having the AEW World Title. Omega says his match last week was fine art, it was inspirational. Omega then says all the fans fell for the match. Omega says ultimately they just wanted Jon Moxley to fall for it, that's where Don Callis came in. Omega says there's so much more coming. Callis tells him to hold off on that. "Some people make matches, some make money, Kenny makes history!" Omega then does the "goodbye, and good night" sign-off.

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