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WWE's Current Interest In Eli Drake After Being Fired From IMPACT Wrestling

Photo Credit IMPACT Wrestling

Eli Drake is no longer signed to Impact Wrestling after the company cut ties with him. There were several issues and he already informed the company that he wouldn’t be re-signing with them when his contract was up. So they fired him.

Sean Ross Sapp was asked about WWE’s interest in Eli Drake during a recent installment of Fightful Select’s Q&A. WWE is apparently interested, but Drake has some issues with his Impact Wrestling contract that he needs to address first.

“No interest until he completely gets out of his Impact deal, but yeah there has been interest on WWE’s behalf. They really like how he can — I say ‘they’ — some really like how he can talk.”

Impact Wrestling fired Eli Drake and are trying to hold him to a breach of contract claim. Unless Drake wants to fight this it could see him with a year-long no-compete clause meaning he can’t sign anywhere else until around this time in 2020.

Eli Drake has a lot of abilities that WWE could use. However, it is also important to remember that EC3 is also a great talker who can work a match as well, but Vince McMahon hasn’t used him much at all since his main roster call-up.


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