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AEW Dynamite Preview Nov. 27, 2019: Le Thankful

Tonight (Nov. 27) All Elite Wrestling comes our way from the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois (which is decidedly not Chicago, but whatever). Last week we saw Darby Allin and Jon Moxley go to war, a creepy Dark Order infomercial, a dynamite battle royale, another boring Britt Baker match and Scorpio Sky tricking Chris Jericho into a title bout.

Advertised for tonight:

Chris Jericho’s “Thanksgiving Thank You Celebrashon for Le Champion”

Kenny Omega versus PAC

Hangman Page versus MJF for the “Dynamite Diamond Ring”

Cody in action

Chris Jericho (c) versus Scorpio Sky for the AEW Championship

Here are our five questions about AEW tonight:

1) Will Scorpio Sky wall out of Illinois the AEW Champion?

Jericho was just trying to app...appolo...appolog... What I mean to say is that he was just trying to say he was ssssssssoo...sssoooorrrr...UGH. He was just trying to do that thing where you pretend you were wrong even though you don’t think you’re wrong so people stop bothering you about it - you know, pulling an ‘ole Corey Graves - when Scorpio Sky, in a truly great moment of reverse psychology, caught him in a moment of weakness got him to agree to a title match in not-Chicago.

Sky has been on an absolute hot streak lately while Jericho is having a hard time walking around due to his swollen head. Jericho couldn’t even fathom a guy like Sky challenging him for his championship, making the match-up all the more interesting! We all assumed it would be PAC or Page, but Scorpio Sky? No way!

Now, I doubt Sky is the guy to take the title off Jericho. Sky is quick, inventive and always ready for what his opponents can dish out, but I see this turning into an SCU vs The Inner Circle feud for the tag belts in the coming weeks. Regardless of the outcome, this match is going to rule!

2) Has Kenny Omega embraced the dark side?

In a truly bizarre backstage segment Kenny Omega blamed all his recent failures and problems on his loss to PAC. On AEW Dark, Omega faced Jack Evans in an AAA Mega Championship match and wrestled with a little more ferocity than we’re used to seeing from him on AEW and it seems like he is tapping into the madness that he touched in his feud with Moxley. PAC beat Omega already, but will he be prepared for this new, bizarro Omega?

3) Women Wrestling???????

EVERGREEN question when it comes to AEW Dynamite it seems. Sure, they get a decent amount of screen time and story focus on AEW Dark, but we as viewers shouldn’t have to watch AEW Dark to (a) follow television story lines or (b) see half the roster.

As I live in the Chicago area I know that Riho is being advertised on TV as “appearing” at the show, but I honestly couldn’t tell you if it’s a work just to sell tickets or not. Hell, if she is, it’s probably being filmed for Dark. Yes, every episode of Dynamite has had a women’s match or segment, but it still feels like an afterthought. They hardly advertise featured women’s matches for Dynamite and every week it’s a surprise. Please, please, please! We deserve some coherent feuds and a break from sub-par Britt Baker matches.

4) Literally what is a “Dynamite Diamond Ring” and why should we care?

Last week MJF and Adam Page won the battle royal and earned themselves a match for the “Dynamite Diamond Ring.” Which is...just baffling to me.

Clearly, AEW is trying to build up their mid-card feuds by adding a prize, but why the hell isn’t this just a mid-card belt? I mean, I love Diamond Dallas Page too, but if they wanted to pay him homage, why do it with a ring? You know what is not a one size fits all thing? A ring. Unless it’s an adjustable one, but I doubt it as Cody said “it’s cost as much as a Superbowl ring.”

Look, I get trying to be different, but sometimes being different means you come up with a dumb idea like The King of The Mountain match. This ring is one of those things.

5) What does Cody “back in action” look like after his crushing defeat?

He’s sad, moody, and can’t keep his nose out of other people’s business. Is this going to be an instance of a wrestler having lost his way and seeking redemption only to be thwarted by his feelings? Or will this be a random squash match made to make Cody look strong despite his embarrassing defeat? My gut says it’s the latter, considering Cody blames MJF for his loss...oh wait. MJF is totally winning that dumb ring and then Cody is going to challenge him huh? CUE WARDLOW.

Tune into AEW on TNT at 8 ET tonight to see if we get any answers to these questions


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