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AEW Planning ‘Battle Of The Belts’ TNT Special On 01/08/2022

It appears as if AEW is planning a night of title fights for a special Saturday night edition of programming.

According to Wrestling Observer’s Andrew Zarian, AEW is planning a ‘Battle of The Belts’ TNT special on Saturday, January 8.

The report states that they cannot use the name ‘Clash of Champions’ due to WWE owning the rights to the show and will instead reportedly honor the former NWA/CFW event.

From Andrew Zarian:

Per Source:

AEW is planning a TNT Special on Jan 8th. They’re obviously not able to use the name “Clash of the Champions” due to WWE owning the rights…

However, I’m hearing the possible name for this show will be “Battle of the Belts” A throwback to NWA/CFW from.

Indy Pro Wrestling will continue to provide any and all updates on the event.



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