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AEW's Unrestricted Podcast Feat. Athena

Athena grew up watching wrestling with her grandfather and explains why she calls herself the “mutt” of wrestling training, along with what she learned from Lance Archer. She shares stories of her AEW DYNAMITE debut, tagging with Willow Nightingale at Fyter Fest Night 2, and how a day-drinking session with her mom somehow ignited a feud with Jade Cargill! She talks about her in-ring style, her finishing move, the O-Face, her newly-rediscovered passion for the business, and how much fun she’s having introducing the Athena character to AEW fans. Plus, Athena is a gamer and shares her favorite games and consoles. She also speaks to her love of Batman and Black Adam and reveals why she gave up on comic books. Be sure to check out the video episode on YouTube to meet Athena’s talking cat!

Athena on Jade Cargill:

“Do I love her? No. Do I hate her? Absolutely. Am I extremely respectful of everything she’s accomplished here at AEW? Absolutely.”

Athena on signing with AEW:

“It feels like I’m getting to be me, and do it my way, and it’s fun!”


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