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Christi Jaynes Pro Wrestling Enforcer Podcast Interview

Co-Host Sean Lennon talks to Texas Women’s Wrestler Christi James onthe Pro Wrestling Enforcer Podcast. She's wrestled in The Crash Lucha Libre in Mexico, as well as Japan and UK. She will be at RCW Impact + event taking in Kiera Hogan on January 10th.

Christi talked about what made her pursue a career in pro wrestling, her Brazilian heritage and how it's influenced pro wrestling persona, performing in Japan, UK, Mexico Wrestling for RCW on Impact +, how far women’s wrestling has com, who she wants to wrestle that she hasn’t yet, and more!

Christi was was scheduled to perform at Galli Lucha and Freelance Pro Wrestling unfortunately injured her clavicle and couldn't because of risking a chance at an upcoming WWE try out as well. Has expressed interest in being a part of RiSE and Shimmer Women Athletes.

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