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FTR Crowned New AEW Tag Team Champions At ALL OUT

AEW Tag Team Championship

FTR (with Tully Blanchard) vs. Adam Page & Kenny Omega (c)

Official introductions are made as Paul Turner takes the reigns of refereeing. Page requests to start the match. Kenny obliges. He and Cash tie up. Cash offers a hand but Hangman’s not buying he fires away at Cash and dismisses Dax. Almost accidentally decks Omega. He tags him in anyway. The two volley chops on Cash. Stereo chops sends Cash down. Hangman and Omega double high five one another after some hesitation. They isolate Cash. Hangman suplexes him down. Quick tags by the champs.

Page hits a standing shooting star press for a two count. Cash soon makes a tag. FTR tugs away at Adam over the post. Dax covers Hangman for a one count a little bit after. Dax paws at Page before driving him into Cash’s knees. The two double gut buster Page for a close fall. Page struggles to escape a sidelock by Dax.

Later on, there’s an abdominal stretch by Cash. Hangman rolls Dax up for a visual three count, but Cash is distracting Paul Turner from making the count. Hangman is being controlled on the outside by FTR, but Page powers through and tags in Omega. Omega has his foes well scounted. You Can’t Escape moonsault but Cash kicks free. Hurricanrana then a dropkick by Omega downs both Dax and Cash. Kenny is fired up. He Terminator topes FTR on the outside. Missile dropkick by Omega on Cash. Dax delivers a hard powerbomb before they seamlessly double team Omega for a near fall. Kicks and knee strikes sets the stage even for Omega as he tags in Hangman. Both take charges at FTR in the corner. a vaulted German suplex then a knee strike by Omega makes it a close victory. The champs go for their finisher but Dax stops it.

A ref distraction allows Kenny to get crotched in FTR’s corner. Dax goes for a superplex, but Hangman holds it up. Hangman feels the wrath of the apron. Hardwood hits a superplex. Cash covers, but Kenny kicks free.

Brainbuster by Dax. Hangman levels FTR out and Kenny soon hits a Tiger Driver 98 for a close fall. V-Trigger followed by a One Winged Angel attempt, FTR figures it out and the two give two dragon screws to Omega in the ropes. A reverse leg lock along with some rope grabbing furthers the pain for Omega. Kenny is in a bad way as Hangman is having a hard time getting back on the apron.

Kenny looks for a cross armbreaker but Dax counters and continues to work on the right knee of Omega. Omega is favoring his knee as Hangman goes to check on his partner. Turner tries to get him back in his corner. FTR look like sharks as they make the most of isolating Kenny. They work the knee on their respective ring post. Wheelr uses the tag rope to choke Omega. Two snap dragons eventually frees Omega. Omega accidentally shoves Dax into Hangman and it sends him onto the outside. Omega avoids a splash by Dax and Omega tags in Hangman. He fires away at Cash and takes it to Dax as well. He catches Cash for a fallaway slam. He then sentons both of his opponents onto the outside in front of Tully.

FTR later takes control of the match as they begin to border off Kenny. Double diving headbutts by FTR gets a near win, but Kenny breaks it up. The announcers reference Bulldog and Dynamite Kid. FTR does a Doomsday Bulldog onto the outside. Wheeler misses an attack and Kenny clears any option of a double team by FTR and Cash is dazed up top. Fallaway Slam from the top gets a pin attempt by Adam, but a kick out by Cash! Nice spot.

Wheeler is down and they set him up for Last Call. Cash ducks Kenny avoids, but HAngman can’t avoid a V-Trigger. They take out the knee of Kenny. A Mindbreaker by FTR and Hangman heaves a shoulder up. They go for another one and execute it. Kenny goes to make the save, but Dax decks him and FTR get the win and the title change!

WINNER & NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions: FTR

Post-match, FTR leaves a couple beers for a downed Hangman. Kenny has a tray table and looks frustrated. He tosses it away as Hangman collapses in front of Kenny who doesn’t catch his partner. Their 228 day reign is over. He corrals up The Young Bucks backstage. Matt and Nick try to settle him down, but no dice. He gives them some sort of ultimatum.


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